Breathing Bali Retreat

All of our retreats include 2 yoga sessions per day. Morning yoga is an energetic flow to get you up and going before wanderlusting; and in the afternoon, yin yoga leads you through a relaxing flow to loosen up and unwind.


April 2018

The way we breathe can tell us so much about our state of mind—about our state of being. How do we breathe through our days—through the ups and downs of our emotional state? Breathing Bali Retreat is designed to reconnect yourself to your breath: to get to know it better.

Either it is in the lush artistic village of Ubud, or by the sunny beach of Canggu, this retreat gives your body, mind, and soul, the chance to breathe.

Spend your time walking around the village temples, witnessing the incense smoke rising to the air as the Balinese perform their daily rituals and ceremonies. Breathe in the smell of colorful floral offerings in tiny baskets made of pandan leaves as your wander around, or have some quiet time by the pool of your private villa—surrounded by frangipani trees.

Let your body breathe as you ease into your yoga practice, and be mindful of this breath throughout the day.

Detailed info coming soon!!


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