The Story


YOGLAD RETREAT was born out of our own needs.

We had always dreamed of escaping busy days at work and tiring day-to-day routine. At the spur of the moment, spending some time away for a holiday sounded like a good idea.

Until we found out that it was not.

We were in a rush to pack our things, frantic about plane tickets and bookings. As we arrived to our holiday destination, we were busy planning and organizing activities, worrying about where to go and how to get there. When things look more or less settled, we venture out to experience 101 different things: to keep ourselves busy and to keep our schedules packed.

We thought this was how we could get the most out of our holiday experience.

For a moment, we thought we were happy. We thought this was supposed to be ‘THE Holiday’.

Until we boarded the plane a few days later, feeling tired and depleted. We were stressing about having to go back home then having to deal with post-holiday syndrome. And as we landed, our post-holiday syndrome started to kick in.


We kept on having several episodes of draining holidays until we realized that this could not be the only way.

On the other hand, we also noticed that we were not the only ones.

Our friends, colleagues, or family members were also experiencing a more or less similar holiday burnouts.

Everything changed when we got introduced to yoga, ease ourselves into the practice, and started to go on yoga holidays. We realized that as we wrapped up our holiday, we no longer experience our usual holiday burnout.

We boarded the plane at ease, feeling refreshed and recharged, feeling content and relaxed.

We were excited.

We were energized.

This was how YOGLAD RETREAT came into mind.

Our goal is simple.

We want to bring a yoga holiday that will inspire you, from inside out. We want to offer the chance to feel the way Life flows through you—through your body, mind, and soul—and embrace the flow passionately. We are here to accompany you through an inner journey: to revisit the Love that makes your heart sing, and to rediscover your true potential. Let the beauty of the Nature soothe and heal you and let yourself to be at ease. Surround yourself with passionate travel companions, and form a lifelong friendship you will genuinely cherish.

We know that what we want is not merely an escape from daily lives, but a moment to enhance our quality of life. What we want is to live a life so inspiring and so exciting—we can always say YES to, every time. To find a way to be grateful, to be present, to be truly living: bravely and gracefully, in each and every moment.

When we slow down, we notice our presence—and the presence of each passing moment—more intensely. Things do not merely pass us by. Things appear. Feelings will surface, and we are witnessing them bubbling up patiently, instead of hurriedly chasing them away.

We are here as your travel companions while you are experiencing a healthy, passionate, and inspired holiday.